The Nightmare

This clip comes from The 2017 Reverend BigDawg Christmas CD, in which the leading character (that being Reverend BigDawg) has a nightmare. It was also an excuse to create a strange soundscape comprising, amongst other things, an electric razor, warped washing machine alarm, a cow, and much binaural effects, echoes, and backwards speech. It’s easily the strangest thing I’ve ever made.

The Return of Uncle Donavan’s Barbecue Barn

After settling with the health department and attorneys general, Uncle Donavan is back in business. Care to try some of his latest cuisine? This track also appears on the 2017 Reverend BigDawg Christmas CD.

Uncle Donovan’s Barbecue Barn

Uncle Donovan’s Barbecue Barn… that’s some good eatin’. It’s also a parody of a fast-talking, loud, and very irritating car dealer who pollutes the local airwaves. This may also be found on The 2014 Reverend BigDawg Christmas CD.

The Blart Radio Theme

From 2005 to 2010 I cohosted an internet program called Blart Radio with my brother John and fiancee Karen on The Beyond Radio Network. Naturally, it needed some intro and outro music. This is the main theme which was heard at the beginning of every show. Many thanks to Andre Louis for lending his incomparable drum and keyboard work to both of these pieces.

Brailler Loudness Test

My last job was home to some old Braille embossing equipment which was quite loud. I decided to test how well the iXY microphone I bought from Rhode in 2014 could handle them.

Indiana Thunderstorm

During the Summer of 2019, the midwest United States was pummeled by a high volume of severe weather. This is a binaural recording I made of one of these storms one Saturday night in June of that year.

Stereo Garbage

In the Summer of 2007, my brother and I decided to record the process of shoving large bags of garbage down the chute in the condominium we were staying. We had identical recorders and microphones, set them up (one at each end of the chute), and later combined them. I am not aware of anyone doing something remotely similar– probably for good reason.