Send to Braille

This archive contains a modified copy of the Send to Braille Windows shortcut folder originally assembled by the American Printing House for the Blind.

I wanted to make some updates to my own copy of Send to Braille and am providing this to the general public in hopes that others will find it useful. You assume all responsibility for any consequences resulting from running the contents of this package. Although it’s highly improbable, do not contact APH if this update breaks something on your computer.

Changes include:

  • Default translation table is English U.S. EBAE Grade 2.
  • Default output extension changed from .brl to .brf (for devices like the Focus Blue which don’t read .brl files).
  • Updated comments in the translation batch files. Namely, change your preferred table in settable.bat instead of lt.bat (which is what documentation instructs).
  • Updated LibLouis to 3.9.0 (latest release at time of writing).
  • Updated Pandoc to 2.7.2 (latest release at time of writing).

Note: if unzipping this archive and running install.bat doesn’t work, then run the lt_setup.exe file from the APH website and unzip this folder on top of your new installation.